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Scorpio Jin Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I submit to the magazine?

Check out "Get Published" page to review all four of our submission categories (Print, Social, Web, and Digital Tearsheets).


If you know which category you're interested in having your work published, you can submit your work on the Kavyar platform, our trusted third-party submission platform. Simply create an account and then upload and submit your work to the desired category. 

2. How much does it cost to get published?

Our submission fees vary by platform. We offer affordable and dependable options for your work to receive more online impressions across our branded platforms. Here is a full breakdown by channel (this does not include discounts for Kavyar PRO+ members):


  • Standard Submission - FREE

  • Priority Review Submission - $10 USD

  • Priority Review + IG Feed Post - $30 USD

  • Back Cover Submission - $100 USD

  • Front Cover Submission - $150 USD


  • IG Story ONLY - $30 USD

  • IG Feed Post ONLY - $50 USD

  • IG Story & Feed Post - $60 USD

  • IG Feed Post + Digital Tearsheets - $100 USD


  • Standard Web Publication - $30 USD

  • Web Publication + IG Feed Post - $50 USD

  • Web Publication + IG Feed Post + Tearsheets - $85 USD


  • Digital Tearsheets - $50 USD

  • Digital Tearsheets + IG Promo - $75 USD

3. How do you get the magazine to write about you?

If you're a content creator with a story to tell contact us at with your unique story and an exclusive series of imagery that we can publish. We rarely do interviews but if your story is very unique and you've got amazing, exclusive work to match we will definitely consider publishing an interview.

If you are a PR representative seeking exposure for your client through an interview series please contact us via and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours. Thank you!

4. What's inside the print magazine?

Every month we publish a volume consisting of FOUR issues. Each issue has between 130 - 150 pages of the month's best editorial submissions. Check out our video below to see what's included!

5. What's the price of the print magazine?

Our monthly print issues are sold at a standard price of $34.95 USD (excluding shipping and taxes). Digital copies are sold at $10.00 USD*


*If your work was featured in the monthly print issue you will receive a FREE digital copy.  

6. How long does the print magazine take to ship?

Scorpio Jin Magazine is an order to print magazine which means that each magazine is printed invidually once ordered. The printing process begins once you place your order. Standard printing and shipping time after you place your order is 10-14 days. 

If you'd like to expedite your shipping you can select 1-2 day UPS shipping at checkout on Magcloud. 

7. What's a webitorial?

Webitorial are content rich, dedicated editorial landing pages published right here on These pages are a digital layout of your editorial work that includes a carousel of the submitted images as well as the team credits with external links to their website or social media. Go to our webitorials page to see more. 

8. What's a digital tearsheet?

Digital tearsheets are digital renderings of the magazine in PDF or PNG format. 

If your work was published in our monthly magazine you will receive digital tearsheets FREE of charge. If you're interested in purchasing digital tearsheets of past volumes, you can do so at Magcloud

However, if you'd like custom tearsheets done for your work that's not included in the monthly volumes, you can submit your work for review here on Kavyar. 

Scorpio Jin Frequently Asked Questions

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